Who is Shiva?

Lord Shiva & His Boy Skanda

ॐ नम: शिवाय
om namaḥ śivāya

Shiva  aka Rudra aka Adinath aka Mahadeva aka Maheshvara aka Nilakanth aka Mrityunjaya aka Digambara aka Hara (and at least 999 other names) is the Lord of Yoga.   Out of compassion, He gave the gift of yoga to all of humanity to help elevate them out of their self-created misery and suffering.   Even though most humans have rejected His most gracious of gifts, He is relentless and keeps on giving, hoping that some day everyone will receive and use this great boon.   Shiva is said to have invented meditation, the Sanskrit syllabary, and is credited with creating the sacred Rudraksha seed from His tears.

Although He is an ascetic (and loves to wear tiger skins and cobras), He is happily married to Parvati (His second marriage) and the proud father of two healthy boys (deities in their own right), Ganapati and Murugan (pictured above with His Daddy).   When He is not deep in meditation, He enjoys destroying all things unnecessary and is deft with a trident.   His other hobbies include dancing with his wife, stomping on demons, drinking bhang, playing the damaru, and granting moksha to deserving yogis and yoginis.

While He is not certified and not registered with Yoga Alliance, He has taught yoga since the beginning of time and feels like He should be grandfathered in.   Lord Shiva lives with Parvati on Mount Kailasa in the Himalayas.